Welcome to Faith at home, a brand new resource for those seeking to develop children’s faith... at home. We know that seeking to raise the next generation of Jesus-followers isn’t easy, but hopefully the ideas and stories inside these pages can help us all along the way.

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Here is a story for you to tell at home, perhaps at bedtime or as part of a God-time during your day. Try to teach the actions ahead of time. It is fun to see if the children can guess the story based... More


Change is a constant part of our lives - new school, new church, new baby, new step-parent, new church group, even new shoes! This autumn, we moved house from the country farm house where my children were... More

Theos, a leading Christian think tank, has released some significant research about the hows and whys of parents passing on faith to their children. They looked at the attitudes and values of parents in... More

A round up of the latest children's news More

What is porn? The answer you give to that question will undoubtedly be based on your own experiences with pornographic content.  More

Parenting is the life-changing minefield of teaching someone else everything you know. Getting through big milestones like learning to talk, teething, chickenpox, exams, cut knees, and broken hearts. More

It seems like every year, the church gets itself in a tangle over how to best engage with Halloween. Scripture Union’s Revd Tim Hastie-Smith suggests that the festival provides churches and families with... More

Well, strictly speaking it was an upper room in a church, but no good joke ever involved people walking into a church room. We’re all aware that the forming of faith within children isn’t something that... More


Here is a story for you to tell at home, perhaps at bedtime or as part of a God-time during your day. Enjoy doing the actions and sound effects together.You could also use this story in a children’s session,... More