When we think of Jesus, how often do we remember that he was only 30 years old when he began his public ministry? If he had come on the scene in 2016 he’d be part of the much studied, ballyhooed, and often... More

Encouraging faith to develop at home can be a tricky experience. Time, resources, imagination and willingness can all be lacking, and parents or carers may have been put off by their own experiences as... More


Recharge is a Bible study just for you, to nurture your own relationship with God. So stop, sit, breathe and read More

Lucy Moore was part of the team that set up the very first Messy Church in Portsmouth. Now, she is Messy Church team leader and responsible for developing the work of Messy Church nationally and internationally.... More


Review of 5 books More


The worship music strummed to a finish as my son flashed me a wide smile and whispered, ‘I think this is the church I want to go to!’ More

Bob Hartman is a performance storyteller who has spent many years writing and telling stories. Bob combines key words, actions and characters to create memorable retellings of Bible stories . We spoke... More


Two books. More


Last week, I listened to an astrophysicist. To be honest, what he had to say was so fascinating that I could have listened to him all day. More


I’m married to a musician, specifically a singer and a choir leader. Although I don’t tell her this very often, I am amazed at the roomfilling sound she can pull out of a group of 30 or so often croaky... More