The worship music strummed to a finish as my son flashed me a wide smile and whispered, ‘I think this is the church I want to go to!’ More

Bob Hartman is a performance storyteller who has spent many years writing and telling stories. Bob combines key words, actions and characters to create memorable retellings of Bible stories . We spoke... More


Two books. More


Last week, I listened to an astrophysicist. To be honest, what he had to say was so fascinating that I could have listened to him all day. More


I’m married to a musician, specifically a singer and a choir leader. Although I don’t tell her this very often, I am amazed at the roomfilling sound she can pull out of a group of 30 or so often croaky... More

The Bishop of Durham, the Rt Revd Paul Butler, is no stranger to children’s work. From 1987 to 1994, he worked for children’s and youth work charity, Scripture Union, and is now advocate for children among... More


1 album and 4 books More


You know how in every event that we as leaders do, there is that niggling fear in the back of our minds? The fear of failure. The worst case scenario. More


You might be starting to learn a new instrument, struggling to get your lips in the right shape and with the correct amount of pressure to create a melody. But in your head, can you hear the rest of the... More

Actress Sally Phillips is known for her roles as Tilly in Miranda, Shazzer in Bridget Jones and for co-creating and writing the award-winning sitcom Smack The Pony. Sally and her husband have three sons... More